CCL Advanced Vitamin D3 & K2 Spray™ Highly Bioavailable 2oz Spray

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CCL Advanced Vitamin D3 & K2 Spray™

Most Effective Delivery with Nano Technology provides Instant Absorption.
More effective than Pills, Powders, and Capsules. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Healthy bones need both vitamin D and K2. While vitamin D is needed for calcium to be absorbed, vitamin K2’s job is to make sure that calcium actually ends up in the bones. Without this special combination, excess calcium might not be utilized correctly and can actually cause harm.

Advanced D-K Spray makes it simple to get your daily dose of vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 benefits without worrying about an imbalance or deficiency. No more pills, UV lights or fortified milk needed! Ultra-pure water enables optimal and rapid absorption right into the body. The spray bottle design and nano-pure formulation allow for maximal absorption, effectiveness, sanitation, and convenience. It is small and light. Ease of use is only one of the perks. It is more sanitary than liquid droppers, and works more quickly! All CCL Advanced Spray products are formulated in nano-pure, delivery-optimized water. Pure enough to be used in IV injections, this water is ideal for suspending Vitamin B in a way that delivers it directly into the blood stream through the membranes of the mouth and throat. It works quickly and painlessly.

Advanced D-K Spray is created in the United States in a GMP certified facility. Created using only the highest quality ingredients, it has also gone through rigorous quality and purity tests.

About CCL Advanced Vitamin D3 & K2 Spray™:

  • Advanced spray design ensures sanitation, rapid absorption, and easy use. The most technologically advanced vitamin D/K complex supplement.
  • Spray absorbs more quickly and effectively than pills, liquids, gummies, and powders. Nano-structured, ultra pure water allows sublingual, mucosal, and digestive absorption.
  • Vitamin D plays a key role in many aspects of health including bone growth and strength, immune system, calcium and phosphate regulation and more. Vitamin D3 deficiency has been linked to rickets, depression, and osteoporosis.
  • Vitamin K2 (menaquinone) works in concert with Vitamin D3 in an amplifying way to aid in bone support, arterial health, and ion regulation.
  • Spray formula allows for easy access to Vitamins D & K for those who dislike swallowing pills, or the hassle of UV Lights.

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