About Us

Our modern, fast-paced world packs a triple-punch of unhealthy effects: our environment constantly exposes us to toxins, we no longer get enough physical activity from day-to-day living, and our nutrition has suffered for the sake of convenience. Our bodies have the ability to deal with a certain level of stress and inflammation, but these abilities have not kept pace with the changes in how we live. One of the many benefits of our increased scientific understanding of how the body works is helping it do its job better.

At CCL, we take cutting-edge science and apply it to our supplements to help you get the best benefits at a great price. Whether it’s to detox your body or take your workout to the next level, our effective products can help you finally take charge of your health.

Why are your supplements liquid?

The problem with capsules is that they (and their contents) are often destroyed by the stomach’s low pH before they are able to be absorbed. Because the mouth has a rich supply of blood vessels close to the surface, sprays allow a precise dose of therapeutic compounds to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

What about the safety and quality of your products?

We carefully manufacture our products in the USA under the US Pharmacopeial Convention’s strict Good Manufacturing Protocols in section XXVII. We pride ourselves on only using the most high-quality ingredients. To ensure this, we test the quality and potency of every component in our products. We are able to price our premium products at competitive prices because we sell our products directly and wholesale. This allows us to cut out the “middleman” and pass the savings to you.