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This is the best sprays

I have been using CCLs spray supplements for over 5 years and my results in how I feel is immediate. The advanced glutathione I use in my nebulizer to protect my lungs. I breathe deeper and with ease thank you CCL
The Best!!! KM


I struggle with sleeping and regular melatonin supplements have failed to work. The inhaler method gets me to sleep within half an hour! It's like magic

Boosts my energy

My energy is boosted as the Glutathione cleans my liver and helps me feel so much better! I feel the natural results within a few minutes

I just love this product!!

I really feel like this product works well I also love the Glutathione! I literally never get sick! I work as a Dental Assistant too!! I recommend both of these product to everyone!! Five stars!! Two thumbs up!!!👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A Game Changer

Was using regularly (via a nasal spray bottle) for a couple years with great results for mood and energy improvement. Then Amazon stopped carrying this and I kind of thoughtlessly let it go. After several months of lethargy and low moods I decided to start using this again. Wow! What an improvement. I don't think I'll stop again. I'm glad I can buy direct from the company.

This is a very true, very real review!

Great product!

I love the Fulvic Acid product we get. We take it daily, am pleased with the knowledge we are getting the trace minerals we need. We realize our food sources struggle to provide these minerals so important to our health. This is easy and affordable.

Great Product

Great product! Works as described. I have tried everything on the market and this has worked the best!

I have been using the Fulvix acid for over a year and not planting Not planning to stop.
It is incredible product, and once you start using it, you will know that.

Vitamin D supplement Worked

I got my blood tested after using this product and my labs were at normal limits!

Helps Sinuses

Been taking for a little over 2 weeks and noticed an improvement on the chronic cough that no doctor has been able to remedy. This is significant. Also have excessive mucus and have used remedies galore to no avail. I'm waiting to see if these are eliminated completely may be with more time and more dosage and constant use.

Great Products!!

The Sleeping Enhaler works Awesome 😁coming from an insomniac I'm telling you it Works and Quickly and the Fumic is Amazing I feel wonderful!! Definitely buy again!!💖😇

Awesome Inhaler

This little Miracle has hoped this insomniac Sleep All Week!! Great Product as well As the Fulvic Acid!! I feelike I'm finally getting all the minerals and good stuff that the Evil Cabal has been keeping to themselves and their families ...So thanks for coming out with such a great product!! Will be ordering more!!💖😇💖

Vit D/K Spray

Works great! First time my blood work was in normal range.

Great Product!

This stuff is great! Works well for detox, improves energy and does well to reduce hangovers.


Really love the energy it gives me. Can definitely tell when I don’t take it. I think it helps to get these nutrients that are so lacking in our modern diet. Tastes fine. Great product!

great for singers & speakers

AMAZING for singers and speakers. I take this spray with me when I travel & more, quick healing throughout the day :)

Great for Lyme detox

I’m blessed that I found the Glutathione, it really helps me to detox Lyme disease and mold poisoning! Highly recommend it!

Advanced glutathione

I'm a nurse, I've worked with many cancer patients; research has shown taking glutathione helps to minimize your risk. I'm a believer and feel better taking it daily.

CCL Advanced Prostate™ | Better Flow, Incontinence, Frequent Urination and Other Prostate Issues
Sharon D
Great Product

My husband has tried many different supplements to help with the prostate issue, and some sort of worked, but now he's been on this product for a couple of weeks and says it has made a huge difference for him! He really likes the way it works and feels confident to continue to use it!

CCL Supplements Never Fail Me

As with all the supplements I have tried from ccl, this is another win. Easy spray delivery and the taste is more than bearable. The price is reasonable for the amount of product and shipping is always prompt!

Improved My Quality-of-Life.

I have fibromyalgia, chronic pain issues, and chronic fatigue. I will notice within a day of not taking this spray. It's seriously helped give my life back. I never believed that "natural supplements" worked, and thought it was all a scheme. But here I am, living proof that it's improved my quality of life. Highly recommended.

Effective way to get GSH

This product is an easy and efficacious way to get the glutathione boost many of us need. Also, the customer service has been great to solve the minor problems I had (a sprayer that didn't work).

Fulvic Acid

I squirt 5 sprays into my coffee each morning to get the minerals I need. The taste is pretty light so I don't even notice it. It much better than so many of the sweet or too salty versions out there that I have tried.

Best B12 without a prescription!

For years I've used injectable B12 prescription. This product tests nearly as well and is far less expensive. Not to mention that it tastes good and is a convenient spray.

Very Important Supplement

Everything I read about Glutathione shares its importance. I know it is contributing to my good health.