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Very Important Supplement

Everything I read about Glutathione shares its importance. I know it is contributing to my good health.

Great Results

I have been taking the supplement for over one year. I have more energy, my hair stopped falling, and it's actually getting thicker and my immune system has noticeably improved.

Great for staying hydrated, flavorless

I really like this Fulvic acid. Compared to other brands that have a mild flavor and need to be mixed with water, this one has no flavor and seems to work better overall.

Excellent product

I love how easy it is to use. It helped me with my detox and I slept better.

Hair loss

I have been taking this suplement for over 2 years. It took some time but my hair loss stopped and I also noticed that I don't get sick as much as before.

Absolutely magic

First time using fulvic acid. Have been looking for awhile to choose.
This one is amazing. The results are very obvious.
Ii will leave it at that.
Go ahead and try it. You will be very happy.


I love this product I think everyone should have it it’s easy to use and protect you great for immune system

Fulvic Acid

This Fulvic Acid spray is great. I was previously putting Fulvic Acid drops in water which was difficult to remember to do consistently. With the spray I just keep it by my desk and have it part of my daily supplement ritual. Since taking it, I also noticed better hydration effects from the trace minerals and have sustained energy throughout the day.


Since I have been on your sprays for quite awhile. When CoVid came upon you were ready. The immune bundle I believe has protected my husband and I with the most favorable outcome to this point in time. I had started with the Gluthoiane originally because as I became older my body was not making it. Then with other events we have had to endure, I feel so thankful it was a choice we made.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Love the Extra Freeby

I’ve tried lots of different melatonin supplements. This is the first I’ve tried that I actually sleep better/sooner. The delivery route used in all of the supplements, to me and my logic, is the most effective route.

Fulvic acid

I feel this is a great product. I sleep better and I feel like my teeth and mouth are healthier. I definitely recommend this product

Works great!!

I was very impressed how effective the caffeine inhaler was for getting a quick boost of energy of a fraction of the caffeine dose I would need from energy drinks or coffee! This is an excellent way to get the energy you need without taking a large dose of caffeine.

Best melatonin supplement I've ever used!

The melatonin inhaler is a game changer for good sleep. When taking Melatonin in tablet form, I've taken doses as high as 30MG and still haven't gotten the type of sleep I've gotten off of 2 pumps from the inhaler. If you're looking to get better sleep and fall asleep quickly, I'd highly recommend this!

Excellent product

The spray is easier to administer and more effective than pills.

Feel Better and have more energy

I find this to help me feel better and have more energy. I know that it boosts my immune system and helps detox my body also.

A very special supplement

A number of years ago, I was successfully treated for a severe case of mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings. Part of the treatment was a periodic, IV dose of glutathione, which was the first I had ever heard of it. I have since been taking it on my own and was so happy to find this CCL product that is taken sublingually. It helps me with joint stiffness and hopefully continues to work internally, repairing the damage done by the mercury. The shipping is well packaged and comes quickly.

Best Glutathione supplement I've taken!

I've taken others however never noticed anything after taking them. I take the Glutathione 2x daily once in the morning and then before going to bed. I notice better sleep quality as well as a much more clear headspace in the morning. Highly recommended!

Fulvic Acid for Pets too

I've noticed my lab has more energy and wellbeing from these minerals. I don't give daily just every couple days.

Also good for pets

I love the fulvic acid. Easy to use. Lasts, I use it on my pets food as well and believe I see a difference.

I use every night

I have used this nightly for a couple years. It helps me get sleepy when I am not, and it helps me sleep more soundly. I am very happy with it.

Caffeine Inhaler

It works but not intense.

Feeling better than ever!

I use the advanced fulvic acid spray every day and gone from feeling like I must have chronic fatigue to feeling like I imagine a normal healthy person to feel. I am a nurse and hadn’t worked in over a year since catching covid and struggling to get my energy back. I recently took a 12 week assignment at a busy hospital working three 12 hour shifts a week and am keeping up with the other nurses and feeling more energized than before. I got the caffeine inhaler a few days ago but haven’t tried it yet because I have a small cold with congestion and a cough so I assumed now isn’t the best time to test it. I’ll leave a review for that once I’ve tried it out for a little bit.

Great product

Fast shipping, great quality. I ordered the glutathione sublingual spray to help me immune system durning all this crazy covid. It doesn't taste bad, kinda like watered down mint. I'll definitely continue to buy this product. Review Medals