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Tests well

As a Biofeedback tech I can test any given supplement for an individual. Knowing that it will or will not benefit their body. Several clients test very high for the Advanced Fulvic Acid spray. Other CCL products as well.

Great product

So easy to order and the convenient spray bottle is easy to use

My morning spray

I discovered this product about a year ago. I am very happy with it. I use it in the morning before my coffee. I have read so much about the benefits of glutathione and it makes me feel comfortable using this product. I also like the spray because I feel like it will enter my system faster.

Happy to discover this

When my friend swore by this product, I immediately searched it and am happy to have discovered it. I have been a regular user and have felt the benefits especially during these critical times when one has to have a strong immune system. Many of my friends have also started to use it from the time they saw me using it. Thank you!

B12 Spray

I started using this B12 spray first thing in the morning and so far I am pleased with the results. I feel more alert and willing to exercise to start my day. I just started using it so hopefully this continues and I can make it part of my daily routine.

game changer

This supplement was a game changer for me.I felt ill on the daily although I recovered my health alot I still did t feel well.This changed that immediately.I recommend this product to anyone that just doesnt feel their best.

CCL Advanced Liver | Detox, Cleanse, Rejuvinate
Alanna Dougherty
Love this stuff

I began using the glutathione spray bought from Amazon a couple of months ago and loved it. Got the freebie from the coupon they sent me and bought that as well as the liver support and I can see so many benefits. The sprays from this company are effective, easy to take, and practically tasteless. I have nothing negative to say, only positive about ccl!

Safe for a 91 year old Grandmother

When it's time to go to church, the gym, take a walk or get on the treadmill at home, CCL Caffeine is a great little boost that allows her to complete the task without feeling exhausted. After over a year of use I see no side effects or dependency. Normal activities don't require a dose. I have used it as well when shoveling snow or cutting grass. I would never try to use it to replace sleep but I have benefited from it when working on the computer til the morning. Sometimes I use 2 or 3 days in a row. But after I get a good night sleep I often go weeks in between use. Last a long time, even when you think it's out, shake it, pump it, shake and it's delivers a good 5 - 8 more doses.

Replaced shots with this spray, and very pleased with the results...

Easy to take

I like that this spray is a quick way to get an antioxidant into your system. I am taking it to detox my system from
The toxins in my body from drinking water with PFOAs, pesticides sprayed on veggies and fruit. In addition I read that this
Super antioxidant will boost my immune system needed to fight toxins in vaccines and help prevent Covid and other lung
Infections. So far, I feel more energy, better sleep but I do take other supplements so the combination seems to be helping me

Glutathione I

I have used several bottles of this as o take heavy pain meds, and worry about the effects on internal organs. Using this and my Dr. Tests my blood for signs of damage, but nothing is showing while using this. I am confident that this is helping protect me


I have a paralysed vocal cord and have a very hard time swallowing supplements in pill form. I am so grateful for the CCL liquid spray option for taking my supplements. So easy and much more readily absorbed.

Fulvic Acid

I love the fulvic acid. I can not say enough good things about it. I've noticed that my sugars are lower (I'm diabetic) since I've started on the it about 3 months ago. I would definitely recommend CCL products to my friends. Thank you for such a good quality product.

Works super fast and easy to take

I have tried other forms of glutathione but NONE of them work as well as CCL spray Glutatione. It really helps my digestion. I carry a small bottle in my purse in case I miss my morning dose.
I even give it to my dogs they love the taste


Started using the glutathione a few months ago... I had been feeling very sluggish due to some unforeseen stress... this product made a huge difference in my overall well being. I then stopped and began a toxin detox under the guidance of my holistic doctor, and THAT was just not working, so I quit the detox and just purchased the trio, and I can tell already, that my energy levels have gone up, and I am feeling better already. I am excited to see where I am energetically in another month.

I am happy with the product. I use it for maintaining a youthful appearance, less wrinkles and my parkinson's disease. I feel it works for me and I am not easy to please.

Advanced Glutathione saved my life (and I also look a lot younger).

I apologize in advance for the long post but this is important and may help someone. I was prediabetic, suffered from fatigue and overall sick/weak feeling, had muscle weakness, vision problems, couldn’t lose weight or stop eating junk! In addition I seemed to be aging faster, was losing my hair and was too tired to exercise like I used to. My doctors told me that there was nothing wrong with me and that all of the maladies I was facing was a normal part of aging. I thought yes I am 63 but I won’t accept not feeling my best because of my age.. I won’t accept feeling this bad at 63 or at 93 for that matter! So did a lot of research and came upon some information about Glutathione, of which I had never heard. To my surprise all of my symptoms seemed to indicate that I had a Glutathione deficiency and research indicated that Glutathione was the most essential mineral in the body and that deficiencies of this crucial mineral causes oxidative stress and free radicals to multiply which leads to disease and an overall deterioration of the body. I started looking for good sources of Glutathione and found CCL advanced, which had great reviews. I ordered an 8 ounce bottle and by the time I had finished the bottle my glucose levels were back to normal, I could jog for an hour on the treadmill like I used to years prior, and an unexpected benefit was that my skin looked radiant and 10 years younger! I couldn’t believe it!! Fast forward 6 months and about 5 bottles of this amazing mineral and I feel great, lost some weight, no longer crave sodas and junk food, exercise an hour or more everyday, have much more energy, and to my great surprise at my lady eye appointment the Doctor reported that the eyesight in my right eye has greatly improved. Please have your glutathione levels checked by a doctor who are knowledgeable about the necessity for glutathione because few doctors are knowledgeable. I believe that many people are sick and dying unnecessarily because of lack of knowledge about this. I can say with no reservations that CCL advanced glutathione saved my life! Just be certain to get an easily absorbable and effective form of glutathione like CCL advanced because there are many glutathione products being sold that are not effective or absorbable!&

CCL Advanced Liver | Detox, Cleanse, Rejuvinate
Amber Bechard
Impressed with Quality

So far we've been nothing but impressed with CCL's quality. They are reasonably priced, especially considering we used to pay $100 per tube of glutathione for two of us each month. Now we pay less than $100 total for 3 of us to take it. Plus it is in the form of a sublingual spray, which helps tremendously. We used to have issues taking the "goop" bc of the nauseating taste and texture. Thanks CCL

Highly Recommend!

Love knowing that I am getting all the trace minerals that my body needs in one simple liquid sublingual!

Energy and Concentration without the Caffeine Jitters!

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant chemical for detoxification, reduction of inflammation, and enhancing the functioning of mitochondrial DNA (your cells' 'power plant') - this is easy to look up on the Internet. I learned about glutathione from others who would get it intravenously (put a needle in their arm) either for severe health issues, or for performance enhancement. I use CCL's Glutathione by the teaspoonful under my tongue, waiting about 20 seconds before swallowing, and soon after notice my thinking is clearer, I feel less stressed, and have more energy that lasts a long time - especially when coupled with exercise. I highly recommend to everyone to try, and if you don't notice a difference, it could be because your body is in such a toxic state it takes a lot of doses over time, and/or more per dose to have a noticeable effect.

Highly Recommend!

I have noticed improvements in my sleep and overall better health since taking the CCL Glutathione. So much so that I have gone directly to their website and started ordering their other liquid supplements. I hope that they continue to make all possible supplements in liquid form, as they go directly into the system. As a senior (age 81) I find that taking pills, capsules, etc. are too hard on my digestion and elimination processes.

I started using it as a preventive at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic and I feel comfortable with the product.
Reordered several times and the staff was very helpful.

Saved me during the pandemic!

Originally I got this as it was recommended to boost immunity, but found that it significantly helped my mild COPD and high BP, so much so that I can walk 4 miles with my dogs without symptoms. I know the L-carnitine it contains also helps the heart. I freaking loathe Big Pharma, so I try to put together nutrient combinations that will address my health issues, and I at first thought of this as a sort of COVID insurance, but found that I had more symptoms when I ran out of it. I pair it with ashwagandha and COQ10, then I can jump on the exercycle and ride for an hour. I highly recommend it!

Great Product

Effective and great Product from a great company..

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