Power Up Pack - Glutathione, B12 & Caffeine

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Combine the energy, focus, and vitality boosting power of Advanced Glutathione, Vitamin B12 Spray, and inhaled caffeine while saving money!  If you struggle with energy slumps, afternoon lethargy, exercise recovery, and stamina throughout the day, this bundle is built for you.

Vitamin B12 supplementation provides an increased energy boost through improving the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Those who take Vitamin B12 Spray have left reviews saying they feel energized without feeling jittery, and without  the "crash" of caffeinated beverages.

Advanced Glutathione is our top selling product.  It has been called "Mother Nature's most powerful antioxidant."  It removes free radicals and other cell waste. This leads to detoxification, faster recovery from exercise, a more stable mood, improved metabolism and more.


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