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This bundle includes two CCL Caffeine and two CCL Sleep inhalers at a discounted price!  CCL Sleep delivers melatonin to your system to help you fall asleep faster and to help you have a deeper rest. CCL Caffeine contains guarana and caffeine - both known for increasing energy, alertness, and focus.  

CCL Caffeine gives you control of when you feel increased energy and for how long.  Each dose kicks in immediately and lasts about an hour. It's perfect for late night drives, critical tasks, studying, exercise and more!

Melatonin is a commonly used natural compound that promotes deeper sleep, and shortened pre-sleep time. With CCL Sleep you no longer have to wait 20 minutes for a pill to dissolve, survive your digestive tract and make it to your brain.  Feel sleepy right away and wake up more well rested. Great for plane rides, travel, and every day use.

Inhaled supplements are the way of the future- no more waiting 20 minutes for a pill or drink to kick in.  Feel effects in just 30 seconds as compounds are delivered directly into the bloodstream through the membranes of the lungs. No need to feed your body extra calories, sweeteners and harmful additives.  Our inhaled supplements only contain the active ingredient and FDA approved aerosol delivery agents.


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