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"This stuff knocks me out every time! Great!"

-Gleda H., CCL Sleep Customer

Feel sleepy in 30 seconds or less.

CCL Sleep is the revolutionary step for melatonin supplementation. Just 2-3 breaths and you'll feel sleepy in 30 seconds or less, compared to 30 minutes for traditional melatonin supplements.

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Instantly combat insomnia, mental racing, difficulty falling asleep, and hyperness.

Get relief when you need it, not half an hour later.

The melatonin in CCL Sleep is absorbed directly through the membranes of the mouth and lungs into the blood stream- allowing effects to be felt in a matter of seconds rather than the typical 20-30 minute wait time of pills or liquids.

Near-instant relief, anywhere you need it.

Small enough to be carried in a purse, pack, or even by a carrier pigeon- CCL Sleep fits anywhere.

CCL Sleep is small and light enough to be carried in whatever pack or bag you're carrying with you without you even noticing it's there- until you need it. This makes it perfect to help you fall asleep on a plane, knock out after taking your turn at the wheel on a road trip, or fight jet lag by getting sleepy when you need to.

The safe, zero calorie, zero sugar sleep solution.

CCL Sleep is a natural, homeopathic sleep supplement designed to work in 30 seconds or less. Just breathe it in and let the melatonin be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the membranes of the mouth and lungs.

Traditional melatonin pills (and other ingested melatonin supplements) get broken down in the digestive system, requiring much longer while being degraded in the process. CCL Sleep avoids the digestive system entirely, making it the optimal sleep supplement. And of course, CCL Sleep is 100% safe and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility in the USA.


Breathe out.

Hold the nebulizer upright (mouthpiece on top) with the mouthpiece in your mouth.

Breathe in deeply, while fully pressing down on the actuator.

Hold your breath for 3-4 seconds, then exhale.

Repeat as needed- 2-3 breaths is recommended dose.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
shandon wood

I struggle with sleeping and regular melatonin supplements have failed to work. The inhaler method gets me to sleep within half an hour! It's like magic

Great Product

Great product! Works as described. I have tried everything on the market and this has worked the best!

Michelle Miller
Great Products!!

The Sleeping Enhaler works Awesome 😁coming from an insomniac I'm telling you it Works and Quickly and the Fumic is Amazing I feel wonderful!! Definitely buy again!!💖😇

Michelle Miller
Awesome Inhaler

This little Miracle has hoped this insomniac Sleep All Week!! Great Product as well As the Fulvic Acid!! I feelike I'm finally getting all the minerals and good stuff that the Evil Cabal has been keeping to themselves and their families ...So thanks for coming out with such a great product!! Will be ordering more!!💖😇💖

Brenda Carty
Love the Extra Freeby

I’ve tried lots of different melatonin supplements. This is the first I’ve tried that I actually sleep better/sooner. The delivery route used in all of the supplements, to me and my logic, is the most effective route.

Want to learn the science about this product?


Q. How do you test the safeness of your melatonin inhalers, and what is the dosage per 2-3 sprays?

A. the inhalers are manufactured to the highest of safety standards, and in accordance with the FDA guidelines regarding inhalers. The dosage is approximately 2-4 milligrams per breath. This sounds very small, but do not over do it! When you take the product directly into your lungs it goes almost immediately into your bloodstream, and causing drowsiness within a minute. Usually 2 deep inhales is all you need.

Q. Is using a CCL inhaler like smoking or vaping?

A. No. Taking a breath of mist with our inhaler is a different experience than smoking or vaping. It is a very similar experience to using an asthma inhaler. The mist comes out of the inhaler pretty quickly, so it may make you cough at first. However after a few times, most people adjust quickly to the new experience. If the mist deposits on the back of your throat, it may cause a burning sensation, drinking water helps alleviate the sensation quickly.

Q. Where can I buy CCL products?

A. Currently you can purchase all of our available products on this site and on Amazon.

Q. Are CCL Inhalers approved by the FDA?

A. Our inhalers do use FDA approved pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI) devices and propellant and FDA generally recognized as safe (GRAS) components for all of our products. In addition, we manufacture all of our products according to current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) to ensure their quality for our customers.

Q. Can I use inhaler products if I’m pregnant or nursing?

A. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, do NOT use our inhaler products.

Q. Can I use inhaler products if I take other medications?

A. Talk to your doctor before using CCL products (or any health supplement) especially if you take medications.

Q. Can I use CCL inhaler products if I have a medical condition?

A. Talk to your doctor bTalk to your doctor before using CCL products, especially if you have any of the following conditions: A sodium-restricted diet. Heart disease, recent heart attack, or irregular heart beat. High blood pressure not controlled with medication. Stomach ulcer. Diabetes.efore using CCL products, especially if you have any of the following conditions:

Q. When can I use CCL Sleep?

A. t can be used any time you want to go to sleep.

Q. Where can I use CCL Sleep?

A. It can be used anywhere you need it, including airplanes, hotels, camping, at home, basically anywhere you decide to lay your head down for the night.

Q. Are there calories or sugar in CCL Sleep?

A. No, there are no calories or sugar in our inhalers.

Q. Is there alcohol in CCL Sleep?

A. Yes, each breath from our inhalers contains about 75 microliters of alcohol, which is a very, very small amount. It is so small in fact, that there is no physiological effect from the alcohol in our inhalers.

Q. What if my child uses or is sprayed with a CCL inhaler product?

A. Most importantly, keep all CCL products out of the reach of children. Although our inhalers have very low doses of the active ingredients, if your child shows signs of overdose, immediately call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 (US) and seek medical help.

Q. What if I spray a CCL Sleep on my skin or eyes?

A. If it comes in contact with the skin or eyes, quickly and thoroughly rinse the area with running water.

Q. What is the active ingredient in CCL Sleep?

A. Melatonin

Q. How much active ingredient do I get with each breath of a CCL Sleep?

A. About 2 milligrams per breath.

Q. How many breaths from a CCL Sleep is safe?

A. We generally recommend taking no more than 2-3 breaths of any of our inhaler products per hour.

Q. Can I control the amount of active ingredient I get with CCL Sleep inhaler?

A. Each breath delivers a precise volume (75 microliters) of the formula with a precise amount of the active ingredient. The amount of the active ingredient per breath is determined and controlled during production of the inhaler. Ultimately, you control the amount of active ingredient you receive by controlling the number and timing of the breaths you take.

Q. What is the propellant that CCL Sleep contains, and is it safe?

A. We uses HFA 134 as the propellant to form the mist. HFA 134 is generally recognized as safe by the FDA and is the same propellant used in asthma inhalers.

Q. When does it expire?

A. Our inhaled products expire one year from the date of manufacture. The expiration date is printed on of each inhaler canister.

Q. Is it safe to store in a car?

A. It depends on where you live. The inhaler must be stored between 0° and 110° F. High temperatures could cause the inhaler canister to leak. If the temperature outside is within that range, it should be ok to store it in your car.

Q. Is it safe to inhale the ingredients in CCL Sleep?

A. The science behind our inhaler products indicates that the active ingredients are quickly and completely absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream. The alcohol in our inhalers kills viruses and germs and it thins the mucosal membranes in the lungs, improving absorption. Alcohol has also been shown to improve respiration. As long as the active ingredients have already been shown to be safe and effective by ingestion or other means, they are safe and effective when inhaled.

Q. If the product is left outside (in a mailbox) and is warm when I got it out, is it damaged or denatured?

A. As long as the product is not heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 8 hours it will be fine, even though it may feel hot when you received your product, it is very hard for a mailbox to exceed 115 degrees for that amount of time. Be sure to store your product at room temperature for maximum efficacy!