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How It Works?

CCL Advanced Prostate™ | Better Flow, Incontinence, Frequent Urination and Other Prostate Issues

It is a potent prostate cancer cells (LNCaP) proliferation inhibitor. It reduces prostate specific antigen (PSA) secretion and inhibited arginase activity.

Research shows that saw palmetto inhibits testosterone from binding to and stimulating prostate cells, which reduces the multiplication of prostatic cells and prostatic enlargement.

Bee pollen is a natural source of the fatty substance known as beta-sitosterol. In "Life Extension Magazine," Dr. Stephen B. Strum and William Faloon state that beta-sitosterol is a popular plant-based drug used by doctors in Europe to treat issues of the prostate. Beta-sitosterol has improved the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia such as urinary flow rates and residual bladder urine, and both directly and indirectly inhibit the growth of prostate cancer.

A number of clinical studies have shown that the pollen extracts reduce the size of the prostate in those individuals suffering from BPH. These data indicate that pollen extracts should either inhibit the formation of DHT by blocking the alpha-reductase enzyme, or act to block the binding of DHT to the alpha 1-receptor and thus improve the clearance of DHT from the prostate.