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CCL Sleep | Melatonin Inhaler

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CCL Sleep™

Inhaled Sleep Aid. Fastest Working
Feel sleepy in 30 seconds. Superior to Pills, Tablets, Powders, Liquid. Homeopathic, Natural Sleep Supplement.
Sleep deeper. 100 Breath Supply

CCL Sleep is the epitome of calming and sleep aid supplement technology. It is the fastest working, most convenient, and easiest to use. Feel sleepy in just 30 seconds! Can be used anytime, anywhere and fits easily in a pocket or purse. Great for air travel, camping, or nightly use. Safe to use: all compounds are completely safe to be inhaled. Compounds are absorbed directly through the membranes of the mouth and lungs into the blood stream - allowing effects to be felt in a matter of seconds rather than the typical 20-30 minute wait time of pills or liquids.


  1. Breathe out.
  2. Hold the nebulizer upright with the mouthpiece in your mouth.
  3. Breathe in deeply, while fully pressing down on the actuator.
  4. Hold your breath for 3-4 seconds, then exhale.
  5. Repeat as needed- 2-3 breaths is recommended dose.

About the Product:

  • Delivers melatonin to the bloodstream in 30 seconds. Zero calories, no sugar, no nasty taste.
  • Safe to use - all compounds are deemed safe to use and are completely dissolved through membranes in the mouth and lungs.
  • May be used to minimize insomnia, mental racing, difficulty falling asleep, and hyperness. May help improve sleep quality and speed of falling asleep.
  • Use anytime, anywhere. Fits conveniently in pockets, purses, suitcases, night-table drawers etc. Weighs 1.0 OZ. Safe to store in cars.
  • Faster acting and more versatile than pills, tablets, drinks, powders, etc.


These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Within about 15 minutes or less it puts me to sleep and I stay asleep the whole night! I’m so glad that I found this AWESOME product!

Great sleep & FAST

This stuff really works great and it kicks in so fast because it goes through your lungs. Maybe it’s my imagination but I really think I begin to feel the initial effects in 30 seconds or less. I’m impressed!

The Best Product for Sleep out there!

I wasn’t sure it would work but it works so good! I usually wake up at least once through the night but I get a solid nights sleep when used. You wake up refreshed with no lingering tiredness. Will definitely purchase ongoing!

One inhale and I'm out

Love this product. Sometimes I go to bed and I'm wide awake. Instead of tossing and turning, now I remember to reach for my melatonin inhaler and I'm out like a light a few minutes later. More effective and faster acting than liquid melatonin.

The best way to take melatonin!

3 shots of this stuff and it’s lights out! Nothing else compares. LOVE ❤️ IT!

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